Titleist NXT Golf Balls

Long Distance, Mid Handicap

Posted by Robert

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Titleist NXT Golf Balls Titleist has always led the golf ball industry. Thanks to Tiger, Nike has done a good job of chasing them, but Titleist still rules the roost.

I've played these Titleist NXT balls a lot. Let's take a look at them:

This is a solid core ball, with a Fusablend cover. It's designed to go long but have a soft feel. I think it accomplishes one of these tasks. The ball certainly does go a long way, but you can do better if you're looking for a feel ball.

It's advertised as "designed to improve playability for low to mid handicappers." I would refute that and say this ball is a better fit for mid to high handicappers. The ball is very durable and will go a long way, but the feel is far inferior to the Titleist PRO V1. Of course you're going to pay a lot more for that better feel.

Don't get me wrong; these NXTs do have a better feel than, say, a hard Top Flight ball or Pinnacle. By all means throw them in your bag if you are making the transition from shooting rounds in the hundreds to breaking into the 90s. You will really appreciate them, especially around the greens.

On the other hand if you're moving into the 80s, grab a sleeve of PRO V1s. You'll understand why Titleist leads the industry, and you will thank me later.

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