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Cheap, Inexpensive & Soft w/ Icosahedral Dimple Pattern

Posted by Robert

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Pinnacle Dimension Golf Balls This ball is the first one I've seen that uses an icosahedral dimple pattern. And it's about time. Haven't we all been waiting for this? For you ignoramuses out there that don't know what icosahedral means, I guess I can be bothered to clue you in. (After I adjust my black-rimmed glasses and snicker uncontrollably at your feeble mind.)

An icosahedron is a geometrical shape. It's a regular polyhedron with 20 identical equilateral triangular faces, 30 edges and 12 verticals. (Thank goodness for Wikipedia. And Al Gore for the internet.)

Pinnacle uses this 332-dimple icosahedral pattern to reduce wind drag on the downrange flight and increase consistency while limiting dispersion.

Let me break it down for you golfers. The ball launches high and has very little spin. The best thing about the Pinnacle Dimension (other than improving our vocabulary) is the softer cover. For years, Pinnacle was a rock-hard distance ball that higher handicappers had to endure because they are cheap, they rolled really far in the fairway, and you couldn't chip the cover if you rolled over them with a lawn mower.

This ball is still very inexpensive, durable, and long, but it's a lot more pleasing on the hands at impact then the old Pinnacle golf balls.

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