Ping G15 Driver Review

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Posted by Robert

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Ping G15 Driver Review When it comes to hot faces, I rank Ping and Nike at the top. There is no science behind this opinion -- just my own experiences and those stud golfers that I play with. One of those said studs in my foursome showed up with this driver earlier this year.

The guys in my group have become accustomed to having Joe drive it by. The guy makes a big shoulder turn that would send most people to the chiropractor. We'd been giving him a hard time for some time because he plays with clubs from the nineties. Boy was that a mistake.

On the first tee, he tees the ball up so high it seems like it's at knee level. Then he takes his usual contortionist turn and rips the ball into the stratosphere. The ball launches high like a rocket and sails by our balls before landing and rolling out another 10 to 15 yards. Oh geez.

That's the nice thing about the deep faces of the modern clubs, you can really tee them up high with no fear of "skying" the ball. I've always like the look of the Ping drivers because they are not flashy. The Ping G15 is very subtle with a cool quarter-moon marker on the crown for alignment.

The only thing bad I can say about the driver (besides the fact that my buddy has added another 10 yards by me) is that the club doesn't come with an adjustability feature. I think they need to get on the bandwagon that most of the other club companies have already jumped on.

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