The Ultimate Golf Infographic: Tiger Woods’ Career Retrospective

Posted by ken

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Tiger Woods may be the best golfer of all time, but we've yet to see a visual overview of his career that is worthy of his achievements.

At ZipGolfer, we set out to correct that mistake. We've created the "Ultimate Golf Infographic". This interactive opus is...

One graphic to rule them all — a single source for all of Tiger's results, complete with video highlights, winnings and opponents he's yet to vanquish.

Now, when Tiger gets the urge to reflect on his own career, he can turn here first.

The image below illustrates all of Tiger's tournament results since 1996. Each column in the graph represents a single event. At a glance you can see when he played, how he finished, who beat him, what he won and, in many cases, video highlights of his exploits.

Scroll to the right for some of Tiger's most memorable (and most recent) highlights.

Click on any column for tournament details and/or video.


I relied on information from Tiger's website, as well as the the Wikipedia for past tournament winners. Youtube, of course, is the source of all things video.


If people are interested, I'll keep this document up-to-date over time. Think I've missed a tournament, an interesting take on the data, or maybe just a typo? Want to marvel at Tiger with a fellow fan or want to tell me about the Golden Bear Infographic that you're creating? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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