Cobra S3 Max Driver Review

Anti Slice Game Improving Offset

Posted by Robert

Cobra S3 Max Driver Review Attention Slicers: This is your driver.

The S3 Max has several devices built into it to help fix that banana ball and fire it straight down the fairway. The biggest thing they've done is offset the hosel so that the club face is already closed a little bit. This promotes a straight shot, or even a draw if you are swinging it well.

Cobra uses the same "E9 face technology" that they use in their regular S3, which gives it a 30% bigger sweet spot then last year's S2 driver. Combine this with the extra forgiveness on heel and toe hits, and you've got a driver that is going to bomb it 10 yards further than the driver you are using right now.

Remember, a slice takes off valuable distance because not only does the ball curve away from the target, but it also puts yard-stealing backspin on the ball. If you can manage to hit the ball straight or add a draw, you will be surprised how much further the ball goes. A draw spin has the opposite effect of a slice, adding overspin, which makes the ball roll hard down the fairway.

The only con to this driver is that for you high handicappers, as your game improves, that offset hosel may turn you into a hooker -- errrr, that is, you may struggle with snap-hooks. For this reason, you may want to consider the regular S3 Driver and simply adjust the club face closed (with the "Adjustable flight technology" ) and as you improve, adjust it back to neutral.

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