Golf Bloopers: Funny Moments in Golf Caught on Video

Posted by ken

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Golf is a popular pastime in many countries around the world and has been for many years. As high-profile professionals made the sport more enticing to young players over the past couple of decades, golf's popularity has gone through a tremendous surge in popularity.

Over the years there have been many amazing moments in golf - from unbelievable shots to amazing, come-from-behind victories. Along with these amazing moments have been some less-than-stellar ones. We're talking, of course, about the bloopers. You know, the screw-ups. The flubs. The Mulligans.

Below find a collection of some of golf's funniest moments caught on tape. Some you may have seen on SportsCenter and others you have probably never seen, but we scoured the web to find only the best. Enjoy!

1. J.C. Anderson Giving Advice on Sportscenter Goes Wrong
2. Woody Austin Gets a Bath
3. Drunken Leisurely Golfer Runs Himself Over with His Own Golf Cart
4. A Literal "Birdie"
5. When Golf Shots Go Wrong Pain May Follow
6. Bad Golf Shot, but He Thinks it Goes the Distance
7. A Perfect Example of How Not to Get Your Ball Out of the Water
8. Out of Control Golf Cart
9. How to Piss Off a Goose
10. Revenge for All the Birds Hit by Surprise Golf Balls
11. This is Just Bad Driving of a Golf Cart
12. This Shot Unfortunately Flies the Wrong Way
13. A Young Aspiring Golfer Takes a Fall
14. Standing in the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time
15. This Is Not Really a Blooper but Had to Be Included Because of Stupidity

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