Titleist PRO V1 Golf Ball

High Speed, Low Spin

Posted by Robert

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Titleist PRO V1 Golf Ball Man, I love these Titleist PRO V1 golf balls. I have since the first time I played with them. If you play much at all and you have a high swing speed, then you probably feel the same way. You already know that the Pro V1 is awesome because its higher ball speed and lower spin result in longer drives. You already know that it's got a sweet-feeling urethane Elastomer cover. This is the ball I play with, and the majority of my buddies do as well. Let's face it; it's the best ball out there (that and its brother, the PRO V1X).

My favorite thing about this ball is how it holds up in the wind. The ball seems much less effected by a side wind than any other ball I've played. The only ball I like better is the PRO V1X. The PRO V1X is designed for even higher swing speeds than the PRO V1 and even seems to go further than the PRO V1. The ball flight of the PRO V1X planes out better in the air more than the PRO V1. Think about the ball flight of the Pro V1 being hit by a nine iron. If you visualize it being an upside down ‘V,' then the Pro V1X is more like an upside down ‘U.' But both hit and grab the green with a lot of spin.

The problem is, if you're going to play the number 1 ball in golf, you're going to be shelling out some "dough ray me." If you buy them new at the pro shop, you're going to be dropping a 50 spot at least. Thus, I'm always combing the banks of the water hazards or looking for these balls in the used bin at the club. Because the PRO V1's cover is so durable, I have no problem buying discounted used balls. New or used, man I just love these balls.

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