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Precept Assorted Golf Balls What we've got here is a plethora of assorted Precept golf balls. I've always like the Precept golf balls. A few years back, it was all the rage to play the lady's Precept ball. It is called the Laddie. I don't think the Laddie is included in this pack. However, the balls it may include are: MC Tour Advantage, MC Tour Premium, MC Distance, MC Spin, MC Extra Distance, PWR Drive, MC Double Cover, U-Tri, EV Senior, and the MC Senior.

I've played most of these balls. Obviously the MC Tour balls are the ones to look for. These are Precept's Premium brand, giving a soft feel and extra distance. The MC Spin is designed for players who like to work the ball and really bite the green on well-struck approach shots. The senior balls are designed for players with slower swing speeds, and the rest of the group are primarily distance balls.

This is a fantastic deal because you can get these balls for less than fifty cents a ball, and don't forget Knetgolf has a 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee.

If you are interested in a higher quality golf ball, please take a look at the Titleist Pro V1 and Pro V1x. These are Titleist's premier balls that provide an ample combination of distance and feel. I recommend the Pro V1x as it's a little longer than the Pro V1 and holds in the wind better.

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