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Low Spin, Long Distance

Posted by Robert

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Titleist PRO V1x Golf Balls I have a question for you: What' the most important thing in your golf bag? (I'm talking about before you put in your cell phone and car keys.) I'll give you a hint… You use it on every single shot.

That's right. It's your golf ball, and with this billion dollar industry, we golfers are pretty lucky to have quite a few choices. I'm going to tell you about my favorite choice and why.

I've hit dozens of different balls but the Titleist PRO V1x is by far the pick of the litter. Let's start with the boring part first: the construction.

The Titleist Pro V1x employs a four-piece core construction that lowers spin and maximizes distance. The soft center has a dual core which is what gives the ball a low spin and increased velocity. The casing is "ionomeric" which is responsible for educing speed while controlling driver spin for longer distance. The cover is Urethane Elastomer which has a soft feel, but is very durable. The dimple design on the cover is a multi-dimple design with 332 dimples with "Staggered Wave" parting line for consistent ball flight. Finally, it has "Alignment Integrated Marking" (A.I.M.). This is a straight arrow sidestamp that is used for lining up your putts.

I love this ball. Off the tee, it goes just as far as any distance ball I've ever played. From the fairway, it has a soft feel when I hit it with an iron and grabs the green with lots of spin.

The Pro V1x is very similar to the Pro V1, but has less spin. I don't have any trouble getting my balls up or working the ball in different directions, thus I play the Pro V1x. Plus, the Pro V1x holds up in the wind a lot better.

My favorite thing about the ball is when I chip and putt. It has a soft feel and does not make that awful "click" sound that I get with those hard distance balls. My chips bite on the green and stop quickly, and my putts roll true along the line that I set up with the A.I.M.

So what's the most important thing in your bag? (By the way, has anybody seen my car keys?)

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