Dunlop Sport Golf Ball Set

Dimpled for Better Swing & Long Distance

Posted by Robert

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Dunlop Sport Golf Ball Set What do you know? Dunlop is bringing up their game with this three-piece Sport Golf ball. I'm very impressed. Usually when I think of Dunlop, I think of inexpensive, lower quality items designed for beginners, but that's not the case with these balls. It's good to see that even Dunlop is embracing the new technology and trying to appeal to the better golfer.

The Dunlop Sport 312 DI golf ball has a decent feel, flies high, and has a pretty good bite on the green. The 312, of course, refers to the dimple pattern. This dimple pattern helps control those bad slices and hooks. The thin mantle layer helps get more energy to the core, and the solid core creates a lot of distance.

I would recommend these balls to the high to mid handicappers. This ball is real steel, as you are getting a lot of golf ball for a small price. The three-piece ball is not your typical junk distance ball that you've come to expect from Dunlop. That being said, of course it is no Pro V1x, but at twenty bucks a dozen you can buy two-and-a-half more golf balls than the Pro V1x's.

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