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Big Bertha Blue, Soft w/ Rubber Core

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Callaway Distance Golf Balls, Used This is a distance ball by Callaway. It's got a familiar name: Big Bertha. This name brings back some good memories, as I had some Big Bertha fairway woods back in the late '90s. They were great clubs. I still have them in my closet. Let's take a look at these golf balls.

This is a two-piece ball -- pretty standard in a distance ball. It has a Lonomer cover with a large rubber core, and it has Callaway's signature Hex dimple pattern. I like the Hex dimple design, but I'm not a big fan of the cover. It's a bit hard and cheap.

If you are shopping between the Callaway Big Bertha Red and the Big Bertha Blue, this blue one is the softer one. However, I would take that with a grain of salt. It's like saying Metallica is softer than Motley Crue. (That one was for you '80s rockers.)

I don't like these Big Bertha balls. They are too hard and make a click sound when you hit them. Take a look at the Callaway HX Blue. This ball still goes a long way, but has a better sound and a better feel. It's also pretty comparable in price.

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