Callaway Tour Golf Balls iS

Soft Urethane for Distance and Spin

Posted by Robert

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Callaway Tour Golf Balls iS You are looking at Callaway's softest golf ball. If you don't like the feel of this puppy, you might want to go back to playing balata balls. The Callaway Tour iS is of course one of Callaway's premier tour golf balls. This ball is comparable to the Titleist's Pro V1 and Bridgestone's B330S.

Let's open up the hood and take a look. This ball is a dual-core construction. This second version of the ball has a lower compression. The cover is Hyper-Urethan. I don't know what this is, but they obviously have tweaked the standard urethane to make it even softer. The dimple pattern on the golf ball uses Callaway's Hex aerodynamics with six sub-hex geometries. This reduces drag for more distance.

I recommend this ball for you feel freaks that are looking for a ball with maximum spin from your short iron shots and super soft feel around the green in a golf ball that still goes super long.

If this doesn't describe you and you're looking for less spin in a similar ball, then the Callaway iZ is a good choice. It's firmer and super-duper long. For a less expensive option, take a look at the Callaway HX Bite. This is a tour-quality ball with a harder ionomer cover.

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