Dunlop Tao Hard Golf Balls

Budget Long Distance, High Loft

Posted by Robert

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Dunlop Tao Hard Golf Balls Confucius say, "Man who hit big ball before little ball, hit ball fat." These Tao golf balls from Dunlop will go, go, go! They should have put a different Confucius saying on each golf ball. This would really sell these golf balls. Dunlop, if you would like to meet to discuss this million dollar idea, please feel free to email me.

This is an inexpensive distance ball that is big on distance, not so big on feel. The ball has a pretty low compression of 60 and a heck of a lot of dimples: 392 to be exact. The dimples are constructed to make the ball fly high. The cover is a cheap, hard lotek ionomer.

I'm not a big fan of these golf balls. The ball feels like a rock and makes a horrible click sound when you hit it. For a better Dunlop ball that I do like, check out the Dunlop Sport 312 ML. This is a three-piece ball that has just as much distance (if not more) as the Tao balls but has a softer feel and a much better performance.

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