Dunlop Sport Golf Ball

Large Heavy Core 408 DI

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Dunlop Sport Golf Ball The Dunlop Sport 408-DI Golf Ball is a relatively simple golf ball for those who want a quality ball at a relatively low price.

It offers your typical, run-of-the-mill two-piece design with a slightly larger core than many golf balls in the same price range. It also has a low dimple shell that is specifically designed to reduce spin, theoretically helping to eliminate hooks and slices.

This ball would be recommended for a beginning to intermediate golfer who is still focusing on aiming the ball rather than hitting it far. If you're looking for something cheaper that still provides quality, Dunlop offers the DDH series. These come in three varieties, unlike the 408-DI (Distance, Low-Spin and Loft).

Overall the 408-DI is a very solid ball. You probably won't see very many of them on the pro circuit, but if you're just going out to hit some balls with your buddies, these are as good a choice as any.

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