Mitsubishi Diamana White Board Shaft

Wood 83 for Scratch Golf Players

Posted by Robert

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Mitsubishi Diamana White Board Shaft This Diamana series is the Mitsubishi's foremost shaft. The shaft speaks for itself. "Hello, I am the White Board Shaft. Tiger Woods has played me. Any questions?"

Perhaps you do have a few more questions; therefore, I shall elaborate. The White Board shaft is designed for better players. As the shaft previously mentioned, Eldrick Tont Tiger Woods has swung these White Board Shafts. The shaft has a low torque with a stiff tip. The mid section is also stiff, and the butt is soft. Ahem -- the butt section is very pleasing in your hands.

I would recommend these shafts to you "sticks" (scratch golfers and single digits) who are looking for a great control and a somewhat higher ball flight, albeit still a penetrating ball flight. Of course, for the longest distance, a high launch with a low spin is optimal.

For higher handicappers, take a look at the Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board shaft. This shaft has a little more balance and receptiveness that will accommodate your game.

All and all, I can tell you no weaknesses of the Mitsubishi Diamana shaft. It's a high-end, well-trusted name. But why listen to me when you can get it straight from the horse's mouth?

"Wait, I only get two lines in this blog? Why am I always getting theā€¦ Never mind!"

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