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Accuflex Golf Shafts Golf shafts are perhaps the most misunderstood component of a golf club -- at least by the average golfer. Think about it -- what is the connection between your hands and the head of the golf club? It's the shaft, of course. It is the "engine" of the golf club. The thing that makes the ball "go." Getting the right shaft(s) for you is extremely important in maximizing your golf game. Accuflex golf shafts aren't the household name that True Temper or Aldila may be, but they are no less a product to be examined and considered.

Accuflex shafts have recorded wins on both the PGA and Nationwide Tours as well as the World Long Drive Championships. With five basic shafts currently available in their line, it's possible to find a shaft to fit your game -- whether you're a Tour player or in the 4th Flight at your local club. The top of the line shaft is the Accuflex Creation 80: designed for Tour players, these were made in an initial run of only 500 shafts (that's pretty rarified air, for those not familiar with production run volumes). Using their unique "long butt" section and quick tip taper, this shaft produces a high launch angle with low spin, just the ingredients for maximum carry on the ball. At 80 grams, this is a heavy shaft and with a high kick-point, best left to the pros. Available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes. There is also a Creation 65 version of this basic shaft that is lighter weight and designed for the better (but not Pro) player.

Next comes the Assassin 2 shaft, which is simply the standard length version of their World Long Drive shaft. With more middle of the road characteristics, this shaft is said to appeal to about 95% of all golfers. Weight variances range from 65-69 grams, and with a mid kick-point, this shaft is much better suited to the average golfer. Also available in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff flexes.

For those seeking a little something different, try the Accuflex Evolution Nano shaft. Using their nano-composite technology, Accuflex is able to increase the surface area of the shaft (at the molecular level) and fill the voids that are a natural part of the composite golf shaft production process. By controlling these voids, they are able to make a stronger shaft while at the same reducing the weight and creating a shaft that recovers quickly with less deformation at impact. That translates to increased distance and control for the golfer. The Nano comes in Regular and Stiff flex.

If your swing speed is a bit on the slower side -- perhaps you are a senior player -- you may want to try the Accuflex Acculaunch 60. With weights starting at only 60 grams, this shaft is designed for swing speeds all the way down into the 70-80 mph range. When fit properly, however, this shaft has produced great distance results, even at those slower swing speeds.

When compared with many of the more well-known shafts on the market, Accuflex shafts offer an affordable alternative for nearly any budget -- without sacrificing performance.

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