Aldila Golf Club Voodoo Wood Shaft

Fast Swing Speed, Stiff NV VS6

Posted by Robert

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Aldila Golf Club Voodoo Wood Shaft This Aldila NV Voodoo shaft is piping hot! After you hit a big drive with this bad boy, you should give your playing partners the treatment by juggling the club in your hands while pretending you are getting burned! Buyer beware though: this shaft is for you studs that like to grip it and rip it.

The coolest thing about this shaft is the S-Core Technology. This gives the club more stiffness in the cross section, thus keeping the shaft from losing its form during your Tiger-like lightning fast swing. They call this deforming "ovaling," and it steals energy and robs the higher swing speeds from precious distance. With the extra energy stored in pure bending being released into the ball, well, you can guess the result is more ball speed and more distance.

Finally, this shaft comes with a stiffer tip section which means a lower launch. Again, faster swingers will appreciate the tour-like penetrating ball flight.

I would recommend this shaft to you lower handicappers that have fast swing speeds and are looking for a long, low-launching penetrating ball flight. This shaft is like hot lava.

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