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Golf Buddy GPS w/ Range FinderHave you ever played one of those courses that are poorly marked? You can't find a yardage on a sprinkler head, none of the cart paths are marked, and there are no "barber poles" to indicate 150 yards. I get so frustrated wandering around the fairway like I dropped my car keys.

I've been tempted to buy one of these range finders, and this Golf Buddy is pretty cool. My brother-in-law brought one the last time I played with him. It's a handheld GPS system that will give you an exact distance to the green. You can easily see how far it is to the front, center, and middle of the green. While I'm out there searching for a marker, he would just yell out, "Rob, you have 150 to the front, 160 to the middle, and 175 to the back."

The Golf Buddy will automatically determine what course you're on when you turn it on, and it holds 1000 courses. The best thing about it is that there are no annual fees.

Although I do like the Golf Buddy, it pales in comparison to the "Big Kahuna" that I like even better: The Sky Caddie. The Sky Caddie is much "slicker." It has a more detailed display, and a few more bells and whistles. The Sky Caddie shows you even more hazards and gives you more data.

Whichever one you choose, it will improve your game as well as your speed. Less pacing around looking for a marker means more time spent lining up that birdie putt. Just remember, though: it won't help you find your car keys.

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