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Posted by Robert

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Callaway Nikon Players Range Finder I'm not a big range finder guy. I think I got soured on them because of a certain incident...

One time I played in a OGA tournament and was paired with this guy who used one on every single shot. I'm not exaggerating. He would be 35 feet off of the green and pull out his rangefinder. It was part of his pre-shot routine, for Pete's sake! Ugggh... Needless to say, our group fell behind, and we were warned to keep up with the group in front of us.

That being said, I do understand they are pretty handy and can help your game quite a bit. Of all the ones I've looked at, I like these Callaway Nikon Players Series rangefinders. It has 6 x magnifications, and with the touch of a button this bad boy can measure distances instantly to within one yard. In addition, it can give you distances of different targets in succession for up to 8 seconds, thus you can figure out whether to go for the green or hit that perfect lay-up shot.

What I like best about this rangefinder is how small and lightweight it is. It comes with a pretty cool sport case with a removable travel cover for the objective and eyepiece.

So if you are dying to buy a rangefinder, this one is a good choice. Then again for another hundred bucks you could get my favorite golf toy of all times, The Sky Caddie. It's a golf GPS that will give you your yardages and so much more.

Just do me a favor: whether you get this Rangefinder or the Sky Caddie, please don't use it for a 35 foot pitch shot. I think you can eyeball that one on your own.

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