Adams A7 Irons Review

Hybrid Iron Set A7 OS w/ Oversized Club Head, Hollow Cavity Back

Posted by Robert

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Adams Idea Hybrid Iron Set A7 OS

Adams golf invented the hybrid club.  Don’t quote me on that because it may not be completely true. It was probably a scientist, who is now sitting on a beach in Tahiti.  However, Adams has always been the leader in the hybrid technology, and they've really outdone themselves again with this set. I really like the A7 OS Hybrids.

Long Hybrids (3-5). I’m going to start with the long hybrids because these are the clubs that all of us struggle with.  Long gone are the days when we have to swing a 2 or 3, or even a 1-iron.  The new hybrids have made these clubs obsolete. These longer hybrids, the 3, 4 and 5 are very easy to swing.   Adams has put an extra 44 grams in the heel and toe for more stability. Once you get the hang of them, they may soon become your favorite club in the bag.  A word to the wise (or in this case, several words):  Set up with these clubs just like you would a long iron – ball up in your stance with hands in front, leading the club head.  Don’t swing it like your driver, and please don’t try to kill the ball.  With a nice smooth tempo you will be surprised how quickly the ball gets up and how far it flies.

Middle Hybrids (6-7). The middle irons are hollow-back middle hybrids designed to get the ball up even quicker, flying high with marginal spin.  This is your 5 and 6 hybrid.  They look a little more like traditional irons, but are many times more forgiving.  They have a tremendous sweet spot and extra weight has been put behind the face to give it more stability.  These are the hybrids that you will use to shave strokes off your game when your 160 yard approaches are finding their way to the green or the fringe.

Short Irons (8-PW).  Here we have the scoring clubs.  These are your traditional short irons but larger.  They have a cavity back so you don’t have to hit the ball exactly in the middle of the clubface for it to fly at the target.  With a big sweet spot and loads of forgiveness, the short irons are your key to more pars and birdies.

I like the looks of these club heads. If you haven’t swapped out your ancient blades or 2 and 3 irons, then you are missing the boat.  This would be like Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal playing tennis with an old wooden racket like the ones Borg and McEnroe used to use.

Sure, they are a bit oversized, but not so bad so that it looks like those ugly ping-pong paddles I've seen from some of the other brands.

I tend to only recommend these hybrid sets for the beginners and the high handicappers, but I would like to expand that in regards to this set of A7s. I believe even the middle handicappers would appreciate the forgiveness and ease it is to swing these Adams A7s.

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