Adams RPM Irons Review – Senior Flex Set

Oversized Cavity Back Progressive Offset

Posted by Mark

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Adams RPM Irons Set, Senior Flex Senior golfers take heed: the Adams RPM iron set may be the choice for you with game-improvement features like an oversized head design, a deep cavity-back -- which provides a low and deep center of gravity (CG) -- and progressive offset to ensure a high launch angle and maximum distance on every full shot.

If you’ve been playing for awhile, you will like how the club looks at address. It looks very traditional and is very pleasing to the eye. However the club has all kinds of game improving technology. The oversized heads give you more confidence that you will make good contact, while the cavity back provides a very large sweet spot. The offset gets more and more pronounce as the clubs get longer. That means those longer clubs that you’ve come to dread, are going to be your friends again. The offset gives you a little help closing the clubface, which results in less slices by the slower swingers. You might even find yourself drawing the ball again!

Available in right hand only, these clubs also feature the ultralight HL graphite shafts in "senior" flex. If you are a senior and you are still swinging steal shafts, then it’s time to update. (Heck, even if you aren’t a senior, I’d recommend graphite shafts to any player that isn’t a single digeit handicap. (Even PGA Tour pro Matt Kucher swings graphite shafts.)

Suffice it to say, Adams has packed plenty of punch in this set of irons designed for the senior player. With the set starting at the 4-iron, it avoids the difficult to hit 3-iron and makes it that much easier to add a hybrid or wedge to round out your full set and not feel like you're leaving something behind by dropping the 3-iron. I would recommend you get rid of the 4-iron and maybe even the 5-iron too. Replace those clubs with hybrids. Trust me on this one, you will thank me later. Hybrids are the way to go vs. hitting anything longer than a 5-iron for slower swingers.

I really like the polished chrome finish. As I mentioned before they look like the traditional players clubs at address. However the back of these irons share their color markings in the familiar red/black/white scheme from Adams Golf. I’m not as big of fan of this design. And with no options to select from, this set is a "take-it-or-leave-it" proposition. That said, if the specs of the Adams RPM irons meet your needs and game, give them a try. If not, there are a lot of clubs to be found in this category. Two other sets worthy of consideration are the Adams Idea and the Orlimar Hybrid set featuring all hybrid-style irons. Whatever your particular fancy, as a senior player, there are more and more products available every day to help you maximize your game and the enjoyment you get from it. Golf is a game for life, but unfortunately your old equipment isn’t.

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