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Tiger Woods Wedge | Carbon Steel Grooved

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Nike Victory Red Forged Club Hey kids! That's right; you are looking at Tiger Woods' Wedge. The very wedge that he hit on the 72nd hole of the 2008 US Open at Torrey Pines. Of course you remember it set up his 5-foot birdie putt that forced an 18-hole playoff with Rocco Mediate. Right?? And Tiger won! Well this is not the exact one, but one just like it.

What's more is, this is probably the same club that Elin (Tiger's wife) used to eradicate Tiger from his SUV. That's right, -- she busted out both of the back windows with this bad boy.

Before we get to Elin, let me tell you first why Tiger appreciates this club (besides the fact that he helped design it). It is made of 1025 carbon steel. This is the gold standard these days for accomplished players. It's not too hard on the eyes either (just like Elin.)

The grooves are High Rev Grooves. They are milled into the face to the maximum allowable limit and produce a tremendous amount of spin.

What I like best about this club is the way it looks at address. The setup is just gorgeous. Of course, it's a players' club, so a higher handicapper should probably stay away from this tour club profile and look for something bigger with a cavity back. (Perhaps the HiPPO HWT Wedge.)

However, if you need a good solid club for breaking out car windows, with a D5 swing weight the Nike VR Wedge has a solid heavy feel, but not too heavy that a petite nanny/supermodel couldn't wield it wildly over her head and bust out a car window like it was champagne glass.

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