Bridgestone J36 Iron Club Set

Forged Carbon Steel Cavity Back

Posted by Robert

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Bridgestone J36 Iron Club Set "Responsive" is the word I would us to describe these cavity back irons. The J36 is made with 1020 carbon steel which is extremely soft. When you hit the ball on the grooves, you can really feel it, and "Man Oh Man" does it feel good. The ball feels as if it just sticks to the clubface and stays there. What's more is the U-grooves provide tremendous spin and control.

My favorite thing about these irons is the progressive "muscle cavity" height. Simply stated, this means you have the bigger, more forgiving cavity back in the long irons (which obviously are a little tougher to swing), and the muscle back gradually gets thicker as you move into the short irons, providing the best feel and control when you have those scoring short irons in your hands.

I would recommend these irons for the mid to low handicappers, perhaps somewhere between a 7 and a 13 handicap. The reason is because although these are a cavity back, they really aren't that forgiving on mishits. Shots hit off-center are punished. For a high handicapper, please check out the Adams Idea A7 OS Hybrid Iron Set. And for you ultra-low handicap guys working on getting closer to scratch, I would point you towards the Nike Victory Red Forged Split Cavity Irons.

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