Nike Ignite 2 Irons Set

Men’s Cavity Back Progressive Offset w/ Steel Shafts 4-AW RH

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Nike Ignite 2 Irons Set I am tired of playing my old man’s irons that he bought when Ford was still in office. When I hit a golf ball it feels like I am driving a railroad tie into the ground. Since I’ve been working on my swing, I feel like I need something that is not quite for beginners, but I’m not quite ready to buy Tiger Wood’s old set. A friend of mine told me to get something with a cavity back and offset. I bought a Nike Ignite Driver in a garage sale so I thought I’d try to stick with the same brand, when I found these.

As with all things Nike, they continue to make strides into every market they enter -- and golf is no exception. The Ignite-2 iron set (4-AW) with steel shafts is a solid game-improvement set targeted for the mid-handicap player (13-20). I think I’m in that range, although sometimes I fall just out of this range. I appreciates the good looks of this club, but just as much (or more) I appreciates the game-improvement features Nike has built into this set. I had no idea that they made clubs for guys like me.

The first thing I noticed was there is no 3-iron in the set. (Thank goodness!) The set begins with the 4-iron. With a handicap in the above range noted earlier, who can hit a 3-iron anyway. I will leave my 3-iron at home in the garage. These are a good-looking set of irons. I really like the bright chrome finish and a handsome cavity back insert to aid with off-center hits and dampen the shock to your hands. The features continue with a wide sole and a progressive -- but not overboard -- offset design, more in the long irons to help get them airborne and less in the shorter irons for better workability. The progressiveness means that the longer clubs are bigger and more offset, and easier to get airborne. As the clubs get shorter, they aren’t nearly as big and I can work the ball easier. Available in right-hand only, the set comes with steel shafts (Uniflex stiffness) and a run-of-the-mill rubber grip. I am not a big fan of the grip. I guess when I’m looking for a hybrid to replace my 3-iron, I will pick up a set of grips as well.

These clubs would be a good fit for the golfer who is transitioning from beginner to intermediate and wants something they can play for a couple of seasons while continuing to keep moving forward with their game. They definitely will be night and day from my dad’s old clubs. Alhhough a decent value, they seem rather "quickly" made -- Nike can do much better in that area. If this is the type of set composition that makes sense for you, you might also consider the Nike Slingshot and Cleveland CG Gold sets as well -- all are competitively priced.

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