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RS 350 Irons RH Set, Cavity Back Chrome

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Pinseeker Golf Clubs Review Clearly targeting the "super game-improvement" crowd, the Pinseeker RS 350 blended iron set seems to have the features to meet that need. The first thing you notice is the bright chrome finish and deep cavity back of the standard irons (6-SW). However, what makes this set really on point for the target audience is the 4-Hybrid (4H) and 5-Hybrid (5H) clubs in place of the typically hard to hit, traditional 4 and 5-irons. The trend on the PGA Tour over the past several years has been to replace a 2- and/or 3-iron with a hybrid club. The success of this change and the ease of use of a hybrid has the pros now going so far as replacing 4-irons and for some guys even a 5-iron. The lesson here of course is: if it's good enough for them, it's certainly good enough for the casual golfer. Pinseeker is taking advantage of this trend by packaging a pre-made, matched set with those blended components.

The hybrids feature a Uniflex graphite shaft, while the irons are equipped with Uniflex steel shafts. Uniflex means: "suitable for most casual golfers." (In reality, if you have a fast swing speed, this set isn't for you anyway). This mix of graphite and steel is a good blend of technologies as there are distance gains to be found with graphite in the longer clubs, while the steel shaft offers a measure of consistency and accuracy any golfer would want in their scoring clubs.

This set will probably give the game-improvement seeking golfer what they want in terms of Playability, Distance and Looks. It gets high marks for attractiveness, and the shaft blend should give even the most casual player the distance they would hope to have. The downside with this set is going to be in the areas of Accuracy and Feel. While a Uniflex shaft is a good idea in principle, the reality is, there is far more to fitting a golf club than just saying, "you have an average swingspeed -- here you go." The same holds true for Feel -- it's a subjective thing, difficult to measure and thus, difficult to fulfill. The move from graphite to steel is pretty drastic. It’s like going from a sports car to a sedan. I’m not the best golfer in the world, but I still would like a smoother step between clubs so I don’t feel like I’m guessing from shot to shot.

Bottom line for the Pinseeker RS 350 set: If you're a beginning or (slightly beyond) novice player, these are worth a look. The price is certainly affordable, and the clubs are very easy to hit. That being said, you can find a better set with smoother steps because all the clubs are made from with the same shaft. You should also check out this ProStaff set from Wilson Golf. The set is in the same category as this set, geared for game improving and forgiveness.

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