Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Iron Graphite Shaft Review 370

Posted by Robert

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Grafalloy ProLaunch Red Iron GraphiteForget "To be or not to be?" ...

"Graphite or Steel?" That is the question.

The main thing to consider is weight vs. control. Graphite shafts are less than half the weight of steel, and you naturally swing faster and achieve more distance. Of course, you faster swingers don't necessarily need the extra distance you get from graphite, but you sure can appreciate less vibration traveling up your forearms.

In addition, graphite is gaining on steel. My man Matt Kucher plays Aero-Tech, a steel fiber shaft. He seems to have done alright with them, too -- 2 wins and 24 Top Tens. Unfortunately, those come with a bigger price tag then these Grafalloys.

Grafalloy is a reasonably priced graphite shaft that has a very pleasing feel with descent control. The shaft features a Micromesh Tip technology that stabilizes the shaft at impact. These ProLaunch Reds are stiffer with a low ball flight, designed for you faster swingers.

Slower swingers should hit the Graffaloy ProLaunch Blue Iron shaft. Those of you looking for a less expensive alternative should check out these lighter steel alternatives: the True Temper Dynalite Gold SL Iron Shaft and True Temper GS 75 Iron Shaft.

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