High Handicap Golf Balls, Maxfli Noodle

Low Spin, Soft Mantle, Long Distance

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High Handicap Golf Balls, Maxfli Noodle These Noodle Long & Soft balls are extremely popular -- and for good reason. The ball is a game-improving golf ball with a soft feel and a low spin to dampen some of that slice (or hook) spin and fly straight to your target.

The Noodle holds a sweet spot in my heart because I used to play these balls exclusively. (Before I got my handicap down to the single digits and my ego forced me to spend way too much for golf balls that still found their way into the water hazard.) I still love it when I wonder into the woods and find a Noodle golf ball.

The ball is great for you folks that haven’t developed the $5 a ball massive ego yet. It is a little bit harder than a Titleist Pro V. Thus when you make solid contact it doesn’t quite have that butter feel and muted sound. (I can hear my friend Nick saying “That’s okay, I don’t make solid contact anyway.) The sound is more like a click and the feel is a little more abrasive.

However, if you can deal with the rougher feel and annoying sound, you are going to be happy with the ball flight. The ball has little spin which means when struck with a driver it will go further. What’s more is it won’t slice or hook as drastically if you unintentionally put some side spin on it.

This is a two-piece ball with an 80 compression and a whopping 408 dimples. The lower compression means that the ball can be compressed with slower swing speeds which will result in longer distances. These 408 dimples are designed to lessen the drag on the ball. This, combined with a perimeter weighting, gives the ball its long distance.

The cover is made with a slick non-stick Surlyn, which is designed to reduce sidespin. And the low compression core and soft mantle give the ball a softer feel than your typical Topflight ball.

This is one of those balls that I recommend for the high handicappers all the time and the lower handicappers in the wintertime. Like I said earlier, I love when I find these on the golf course. I stick them in my bag and pull them out in the winter. A two-piece ball is ideal in the windy, cold winters that we get here in Oregon. The ball holds well in the wind and releases even on damp fairways. And of course I don't need a high-spin, three-piece ball to hold the wet soggy green, as any high shot will stick like a dart.

For those of you that are just trying to keep the ball in the fairway and hit it on to the green every once in awhile, this is the perfect ball for you. It’s nice enough that you don’t feel like you are playing a cheap Topflight, but not so expensive that you can lose a few in the woods from time time (for me to come and find). Another good two-piece ball that I play in the winter is the Nike Juice. It is very similar with a slightly lower compression.

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