TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls, Ionomer

Easy Distance Noodle+ for Slow Swing Speeds

Posted by Robert

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TaylorMade Noodle Golf Balls, Ionomer What makes a golf ball fly through the air? No, it's not clubhead speed. And no, it's not power. These things certainly contribute to the ball traveling farther, but the main thing that gets the ball moving towards the heavens is the angle of your clubface when it impacts the golf ball and the compression of the golf ball when it is impacted.

Enough with Golf Ball 101. This Noodle Easy Distance is geared for those of you with slower swing speeds because it has a lower compression. Simply stated, you can flatten the golf ball easier with your golf club (swinging less than 85 mph) then the ball that Tiger Woods is hitting (at 120 mph).

The coolest thing about this latest Noodle Easy Distance is that TaylorMade has improved on the cover. It's still an Ionomer blend that is durable and firm, but it has a softer feel and spins easier on the greens than its predecessor.

I recommend this ball for those of you easy swingers looking for more distance and a little more spin and feel then your old distance ball. Better players should be aware that this ball will balloon on iron shots if you have a faster swing speed then 85mph.

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