Golf Pride Decade Ribbed Grips

Black Velvet Multi-Compound Cord

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Golf Pride Decade Ribbed Grips Golf Pride is one of the leaders in golf grips. This means they make a good quality grip, but you're going to pay a little more for them. These Multi-Compound Cord grips join a black velvet cord section in the upper hand area with a soft lower portion. The rib provides a great guide for placing your hands on the club the same way every time.

I like these grips for their great feel. I don't play with a glove, and the Golf Pride Cord grips give me a comfortable feel with a tremendous amount of control. The Golf Pride Cord grips give you a responsive feedback from the shaft while dampening some of the vibration that can travel up into your elbows.

The drawback to these grips is they get very slippery when wet. You must take extra care on a humid or rainy day to keep the grip dry. Once these grips get wet, you will lose a lot of control. If you want to look at a tackier grip, check out Golf Pride's Men's Tour Velvet Golf Grip Kit. These grips stay tacky even in the wettest conditions.

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