Golf Pride Club Grip Set, Round DD2

Black & Yellow, Lime, Red

Posted by Robert

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Golf Pride Club Grip Set, Round DD2 I bet I can take strokes off of your score without ever seeing your golf swing. That's right -- you need to re-grip your golf clubs. This may be one of the most overlooked and easy fixes of anything in your golf game. But a lot of players are still swinging with those worn out things that came on their clubs when they first bought them.

These Golf Pride DD2s are a good choice. The modern graphics not only look cool, but they actually help your hands remember where to go.

My favorite thing about these grips is the soft exterior combined with the firm inside. This gives the grip a pleasing feel without being too mushy, which gives you a lot of control. Unfortunately, many of the new grips I find are too soft and don't give me enough feedback in my hands; and feedback is another powerful tool to improving your golf game.

In addition, the DD2s do well in the bad weather or with sweaty hands. I recommend these for all golfers, although it may take a while for some of you purists to get used to the flashy colors.

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