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David Leadbetter Instructional Golf DVDIf you're anything like most golfers, you've gone through your share of lessons, DVDs, and books already trying to improve your game. You've also likely been told dozens (if not hundreds) of different tips and tricks to eliminate mistakes and have a hard time focusing on all of them.

The thing that makes the David Leadbetter Interactive DVD Set special is that it's designed to focus your energy on specific aspects of your swing, rather than outline what a good swing is like, in many instructional pieces. Its goal is to narrow down the possible problems with your swing and provide you with drills that will help you eliminate them.

Leadbetter's credentials are virtually unmatched. He has coached hundreds of PGA and LPGA golfers to over a dozen Major championships and hundreds of tournament victories, as well as author seven books and over a dozen DVDs. His creative methods of instruction are thought of as a major building block in the creation of the modern golf swing.

This DVD set is an excellent choice as far as instructional pieces go, but it's no substitute for one-on-one private lessons with someone who knows what they're talking about. If you can afford them, or know a better golfer who'd be willing to teach you, private lessons are the best way to improve upon mistakes because they're tailored to you. While your local pro shop instructor may not be as knowledgeable as Leadbetter, they're more able to serve you as an individual, rather than one of many golfers who purchase a DVD set.

However, if you want to fix your swing and for whatever reason aren't interested in private lessons, the David Leadbetter Interactive DVD Set is an excellent tool. As far as instructional material goes, it does a great job of adjusting itself to what you as a golfer need.

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