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Fundamentals Of Hogan

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David Leadbetter Golf Swing TrainingBen Hogan wrote the book "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" in 1957. These lessons are still held sacred today, and the book should be on the book shelves of all golfers.

David Leadbetter, one of the most important golf teachers of our time, went through and updated Mr. Hogan's book. Leadbetter added 85 new photos and breaks down in great detail the swing of one of the best ball strikers that ever lived. He takes what is already an exceptional book and adds more captions and illustrations to more thoroughly convey Ben's teachings.

What's more is Leadbetter makes some adjustments that may contradict some of the original teachings. Ben (bless his heart) wrote a book to help the average golfer, but he by no means was average in any way. With incredibly large arms and hands, he had some strengths (an understatement) and some weakness that most of us (unless you are Popeye) will not have to worry about. In addition, while most of us fight big slices, Ben struggled with a hook most of his career.

David Leadbetter clears up some confusion, better illustrates some lessons, and best of all teaches you to identify your weaknesses in your own game and fix your specific problems.

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