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Black Frame w/ Prescription Lens EV0274-002 | David Duval

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Nike Revolve Sunglasses I think David Duval was the first PGA Tour golfer to make wearing sunglasses on the golf course cool. Remember he used to wear those big wrap-around orange shades? After that, guys out on my course started showing up with those big things on and trying to hit the ball like David. Unfortunately, the glasses didn't help their swings much. Since then, sunglass styles have become a bit smaller than David's monster glasses.

For example, I really like these Revolve Sunglasses by Nike. They are sporty, sleek, and lightweight. The lenses grip your head and wrap around so you don't get that blind spot in your peripheral vision that is present with a lot of other glasses. This is very important while playing golf, because if you feel like you can't see out of the corner of your eye, you will be more prone to look up too soon -- a very common swing flaw.

These frames also have the Nike Max RX which means you can get them with your own prescription lenses.

I don't have anything bad to say about these glasses, but if they are not your style, you could check out these cool aviators by Callaway. They are stylish aviator shades designed for the golfer.

I'm not sure what David Duval is doing for shades these days, but I think he would look pretty cool in these Nike Resolve Sunglasses.

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