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John Andrisani Book from Golf Magazine I picked this book up off of my friend Nick's bookshelf one day and started reading it. It's a very good, comprehensive look at Tiger's latest swing change. The author, John Andrisani, is a former golf instructor who has coauthored bestselling instructional books and is a senior editor at Golf Magazine.

Tiger has changed his swing a couple times, and this book is a bit of an unauthorized breakdown of the last time he changed teachers, going from Butch Harmon to Hank Haney. The amazing thing about this is John figured all of this out without consulting Tiger or Hank. He did his own research. He looked at many photos, interviewed instructors and pros, and talked to television golf analysts.

I would recommend this book for those Tiger fanatics and golf geeks like my friend Nick who really enjoy breaking things down and looking at the specific details and the specific changes. I wouldn't necessarily give this to anybody who is just starting out to learn good golf fundamentals. (For that, I would recommend: The Fundamentals of Hogan.)

This book is a bit of a dry read with some pretty heavy speculating from the author.

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