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River, Dolphin & Lakes Golf Course, 9 Hole

Posted by Robert

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Cocoa Beach Country Club Tee Times &I've been playing at Cocoa Beach Country Club for almost thirty years. This is where I grew up, and this was my home course for many years. You can imagine I've seen some changes over that time.

Currently, the course is in the best shape I've ever seen it. All of the greens have been redone and are rolling lightning-fast. There are three different 9-hole courses: The River, The Dolphin and the Lakes, each of them unique in their own right. All the courses have lots of wildlife -- including huge alligators!

The River Course: If you can only play one 9-hole course, this is the one to play. As you may have gathered from the name, it runs along the Banana River. It's very scenic with many panoramic views of the river and mangrove islands. It is not uncommon to see dolphins and manatees swimming by the banks. This is also the most difficult of the three courses because it is the tightest.

The Dolphin Course: This is the second best nine to play, so if you are playing 18 holes, call ahead and tell them you want to play The River/Dolphin. The Dolphin is easier than The River and still has some great views of the Banana River.

The Lakes Course: The Lakes doesn't stack up to the other two, but it's not a bad nine -- especially if the other two courses are packed. For me, it's nostalgic to play this side because it contains a few of the original holes from the good old days before they added a third nine.

Finally, bring along some patience if you decide to play here on a weekend in the wintertime. It's a beautiful course, but it's really not managed that well. The starters and rangers can be a bit ornery, so just smile and wave and enjoy the views. When you are done with your round, go have beer at Coconuts on the beach and try their sweet potato fries!

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