Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons Set of 8, Forged

W/S Pro PGA Golf Clubs by Bob Medrella

Posted by Robert

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Wilson Staff FG Tour Irons Set of 8,You've arrived at the top of the food chain. If you are good enough to be browsing these sticks, then you really have no need for my goofball, silly remarks. Too bad -- you're stuck with me.

These clubs are sweeeeeeet! I wish I was good enough to play them. PGA Tour pros Ricky Barnes and Padraig Harrington have both swung these. Ricky came very close to winning the 2009 US Open at Beth Page with these suckers. Put on your white gloves and let's take a closer look.

When you pick up the club, the first thing you will notice is the heavy, powerful forged clubhead. It feels solid enough to break out a car window. (Don't tell Elin Woods -- she is still sponsored by Nike.)

The heads look great at address with a very compact, classic look with a thinner top line. When in the hands of a skilled player, the ball flies off of the clubface with a soft smack that feels powerful but provides incredible feedback.

The clubs were made by the legendary designer Bob Medrella who has built clubs for Sam Snead, among others.

My only complaint about the clubs is the modern large "FG Tour" lettering design on the back. I'm partial to Wilson's more classic branding with the simple W/S logo.

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