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Visiball Wrap Goggle Glasses Stop the presses, wake up the kids, and call the neighbors. We may have just found it.

This just might be the coolest tool to come out in a long time that can help hackers... I mean amateurs like me feel a little less frustrated out on the course!

Here's the situation: I don't hit the fairway all the time. Shocker, I know. Maybe you're the same. Let's just say that we hit it a little right and it drifts over into some rough, and maybe into some leaves or other weeds. Rules say we have five minutes to look. That was at least five minutes ago. We are ticked. "It went in right here!" So either we cheat and drop one without telling someone, or we have integrity and count the penalty.

Either way, it's frustrating (and expensive) to lose balls like that. The Visiball Glasses are supposed to change all this. I will be honest; I have not used these, but I saw the demonstration and am looking to try these real world very soon! They use some pretty fancy optical technology to filter out a majority of the colors and textures of grass and foliage and truly highlight the ball. It looks very effective. In fact, it won "Best New Product" at the 2005 PGA merchandise show. They also are set at a decent price.

Note: These are not supposed to be worn as sunglasses -- only to find a lost ball! So they come with a little handy carrying case to clip on your bag so you can don them and trudge into the brush with confidence, hopefully to find that elusive Pro V1!

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