Nike Shank.R Sunglasses

Gold Polycarbonate EV0318-702

Posted by Robert

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Nike Shank.R Sunglasses Attention Nike Execs: What are you thinking?

There are certain words that we golfers try to eliminate from our vocabulary. At the top of the list is the word "shank." We don't like to say it. We don't like to even think it (and frankly, I'm getting the heebie-jeebies just typing it). With this in mind, I will try to push forward with this review.

The Nike (ahem… cough, cough) Shank R Sunglasses look just about as ugly as the name. They are hideous gold rectangular frames with amber lenses. To me they look "cheesy." I wouldn't recommend these glasses to a used car salesman. (Nothing against used car salesmen. Many of my friends are used car salesmen.)

Let me try to say something positive about these repugnant monstrosities of the optical world. Nike makes a good product, thus these glasses are going to be durable. They are made of high impact polycarbonate lenses. (This means they won't get scratched when your wife rips them off of your face and throws them out the car window.)

Oh and best of all, they have a money-back satisfaction guarantee. (Good thinking, Nike Execs.)

Do yourself a favor and check out these Nike Revolve Sunglasses. They are a good-looking sporty pair of sunglasses with wrap around lenses that hug your face.

Finally if you see me on the golf course, please don't utter the word "Shhhh... " (Ahem.) "Shhaaannn…" Forget it!  My fingers refuse to type it again.

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