Nike FURI Designer Sunglasses

Red or Black Vented w/ Swoosh Logo

Posted by Jess

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Nike FURI Designer Sunglasses I'm one of the unlucky ones.

I have to wear glasses. It didn't start until later in life. Some of you know how it is. Others don't.

Some of you are like me and have to decide how you are going to shade your delicate pupils from the harmful UV rays while on the course. Do I look like a goober and actually try clip-ons? Do I risk getting the glasses that automatically change in the sunlight, but don't really go back to normal indoors -- forcing me to look like Roy Orbison? Or do I shuck the glasses and try to play it cool by wearing standard sunglasses that aren't prescription?

No. I can't do that. That's how I end up hitting a four iron about seventy yards past the green because it looked like a blurry seven.

So here's my review for all you punks out there that can wear cool sunglasses. Nike FURI's. They're cool. They're red. They're light. They have a vented nose piece so you don't fog up under pressure or have them slip down your nose -- forcing you to push them up like the rest of us nerds.

That's it. Blah, blah, blah. Get your fancy glasses and wear them whenever and wherever you want! See if we care! You and your FURI Nike sunglasses...

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