Tech 40 Men’s Sports Watch

Northstar CW3 w/ LED Compass

Posted by Jess

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Tech 40 Sports Watch Ok, who is the wise guy who invented this? Or better yet, who is the wise guy who is looking to market this for golfers?

Can we make a stand, here? Can we put our soft-spiked-feet down and say, "Enough is enough?"

I'm a little offended by the Tech 40 Northstar CW3 Sports and Outdoors watch... and I'm going to tell you why.

It's one thing to make a nice watch that works well with sports -- being easy to read and having some standard features like time, date, and day. It's another to make it water resistant -- you know, for when you forget to take it off while swimming. (Or plunge you hand into the pond for your last Titleist ProV1.) Fine. I'm a little hurt, but it still doesn't feel like an attack.

But then someone went too far.

A compass? An LED display under the analog dial that shows direction in 16 indicators and 1 degree bearing increments? Listen, I'm not that good of a golfer, granted -- but I don't need a compass to find my way back after looking for my ball! Don't play innocent, Tech 40 -- I knew that's what you had in mind when you marketed this watch to golfers. You know what tipped me off? You made the compass display a hidden LED so that I wouldn't be embarrassed when trying to find true north after tromping through poison oak to look for my O.B. shot! The jig is up and I'm on to you, Tech 40.

Does it come in black?

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