Adidas Men’s Tech Short

Quick Dry Twill Khaki, Black

Posted by Robert

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Adidas Men's Tech ShortTrue story: Several years ago I was working for a startup restaurant concept. (Currently the company has hundreds of stores.) The founder and CEO knew I was a golfer, and invited me out to his private golf club. I was really excited, and practiced and practiced until the day finally came and we were standing on the first tee. I was dressed in a nice ironed colored shirt and a pair of denim shorts. (Oops!)

As I was putting my tee in the ground, a loud and assertive voice boomed over the P.A. system. "Sir... Please leave the first tee immediately. Denim shorts are not permitted!" Ugh... embarrassed much?

I slinked into the Pro Shop and spent $50 for some really ugly polyester shorts. Ever since, I've been a little more fashion savvy when visiting "schwanky" golf clubs.

These Adidas Men's Tech Golf Shorts are more my style. Not only are they stylish, they are made of 100% quick dry twill. I like Adidas shorts because they are very lightweight and comfortable. I would wear the black if I were going for the dressier look, but I'd probably go with a lighter color on those hot days.

I survived that embarrassing day out with my CEO and his golf club. I even managed to beat him -- which, come to think of it, now might have been a mistake as well. Not sure if it was the shorts or my score, but I never did get invited back. Hmmmmm.

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