Nike Triax Speed 100 Sports Watch

Digital Chronograph Slanted Display

Posted by Jess

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Nike Triax Speed 100 Sports Watch I'm pretty young. Yet there are a few things that I seem to still be "old school" about. One of them is the type of watch I wear.

Before I continue, remember that these reviews can be very personal and opinionated. This is just one of those reviews. I simply cannot stand the tilted display on some of these watches that Nike made famous. Therefore, when I saw the Nike Triax Speed 100 watch -- I disliked it from the start.

Granted, the time is very easy to read with its large display, and it has quite a number of functions -- especially for runners -- such as lap times, 100-lap chronographs, and five different interval timers for customizable trainings or workouts. It's water resistant and has 2 alarms on it.

But I can't get away from how much that slanted display bugs me. I also tend to dislike the "sport watch feel" that many of the rubber watches have. This one was also pink and black, which...well... just didn't go with my shoes.

Sorry, Nike -- not for me. Instead, go with this Callaway Men's Watch, which looks and feels much better and has a normal vertical display.

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