TaylorMade Golf Ball for Every Swing Speed

Urethane Spin Control Penta TP

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TaylorMade Golf Ball for Every SwingThis golf ball has more layers than a German Chocolate cake… five to be exact. Hence the "penta" in Penta TP. The idea was to create a ball that will benefit every swing speed.

Let's take a look-see:

The first layer is the cover. It's made of urethane. This is your gold standard in premium golf balls, and you'll find it on all balls that cost more than your grandma's jewelry like the Taylormade TP Red and Black and, of course, the Titleist ProV1 and ProV1x.

The second layer is the outer mantle. Located just below the cover, this is the fastest mantle in the ball. The Penta's outer mantle is firm and fast to promote the best spin to get your ball to stick to the green without zipping back off of the green. In addition, slower swingers (ball speeds of 120 mph and below) will benefit from this fast mantle as it is easily compressed.

The third layer is the middle mantle. This is semi-firm and fast to promote a mid-launch and mid-spin from the middle irons. This promotes control while keeping the golf ball from ballooning. Those with medium ball speeds (120 to 140 mph) will compress only the two outermost mantles, thus allowing them to generate more ball speed and distance.

The fourth layer is the inner mantle, which is soft and fast. This promotes a soft feel and high launch with low spin from your long irons. The mid-range swingers (ball speeds of 140 to 160 mph) will compress these three outer mantles (but not the core) and thus will generate more ball speed and distance.

The fifth and final layer is the extremely soft low compression core. This is essential for giving the ball a high launch and low spin from the big dog (your driver). And despite being soft, it is still very fast, giving fast swingers (balls speeds of 140 to 180 mph) even more ball speed and more distance.

Bottom line is everybody will get more distance with this ball. Higher handicappers may be thrown a bit at first, playing a ball that has so much spin. Lower handicappers might be surprised that a ball with such great feel around the green will go so much further than their old tour golf ball.

The only con I can see (besides that the ball is expensive) is I would like a better alignment aid on the ball like an arrow. Other than that, I like the simple, played-down look of the golf ball.

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