Ping Tour W Wedge Review

56 Degree Brushed Silver, Tungsten Weighted

Posted by Jess

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Ping Tour W Wedge Review Hm. Really, Ping? A 56 degree wedge that has the name "tour" engraved on it? It's just a wedge in brushed silver. Oooh. There's a tungsten toe weight for added forgiveness. That's like saying a car is special because it has a gas tank. Ping, this club felt clunky, felt fat, swung awkwardly, and did not impress.

Ping. You make such nice stuff. But with the huge weight ratio on the bottom of your club, you make amateurs like me feel like we are trying to thunk that 70-yard shot toward the pin rather than really try to attack the green.

This club is a huge miss for me, unfortunately. I may have folks disagree with me, and I know that you have been making clubs for a loooong time. But Ping, this guy likes his wedges sleeker. Lighter. A little sexier. There are spendy dogs like Clevelands, but let's argue in the same general price ballpark for a moment, ok? Take the Nike SV Satin Wedge. I even chose a brushed metal look to be fair.

See the sleek lines? See the thin cut? I'm not convinced I need a tungsten weight for a wedge. Give me a club that feels like I can cut a nice divot, pop that ball up, set it down nice, and roll it close.

Even... if I can't.

I want to feel like I can. My long game is clunky, Ping. I don't need my short game feeling that way, too.

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