Ping EYE2 XG Wedges, Sand & Lob

Adjustable Weight, Milled Box Grooved

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The original Ping EYE clubs have been around since 1980, and the Ping EYE2 series (with box grooves) was introduced in 1984. Though the EYE2 has changed some over that time, it is available in that same basic design today. That longevity and validity speaks volumes about their appeal and performance. In a sport where huge innovations in club design and performance have been happening not just year-to-year but practically month-to-month, to be a consumer favorite for nearly 30 years is a remarkable accomplishment. That said, the Ping EYE2 XG wedges are worth a look for anyone wanting to make a change or addition in their sand or lob wedge category. These clubs are made using the "investment cast" method -- something Ping pioneered decades ago and that has been much copied over the past 30 years. This method gives the club designer a lot of freedom to move weight around the club's perimeter, sole, etc., thus creating a club that has a lot of inherent "forgiveness" for off-center hits.

Ping has chosen to mill the face of the XG wedge series rather than rely exclusively on the investment casting for the groove finish. While more costly, this is a good step in ensuring the best possible performance of the club, and users will appreciate the sharper -- but USGA-conforming grooves -- afforded by this process. In addition to the sand or lob wedge options, you can select a right- or left-hand orientation and shaft options that include the True Temper Dynamic Gold 300, KBS Tour, or Ping AWT. The grip is the standard Ping ID8 rubber composition.

For many golfers, the non-glare satin finish found on these wedges will be visual appealing. But, even if you prefer your clubs with a bright chrome finish, the Ping EYE2 XG wedges are worthy of a closer look.

Some other options to consider for new wedges are these two from Cleveland: the Brown Wedge or the CG15 Black Pearl.

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