Nike Power Distance Golf Balls for Slow Swing Speed

Soft Green Dozen Pack of 12

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Nike Power Distance Golf Balls for SlowGolfers consist of all shapes, sizes, abilities, and swing speeds. Whatever your ability, you should employ the best technology to get the most out of your game. That means using the correct driver, the right woods, the irons, the putter – right down to the golf ball.

You see, my young apprentice, golf balls are meant to be compressed. That is squeezed like a sponge by your driver so that when it reacts to that compression it flies into the sky like Haley’s commit. If your golf ball is too hard for your swing to compress – well, Haley’s commit is going to fall to earth in a very non-flattering fashion – leaving you the butt of your playing partner’s one-liners.

This Nike PD Golf Ball is a low compression ball. This ball is designed for slower swing speeds. In fact, it has the second softest compression in the Nike line (next to the lady's Karma.)

How do I know if I am a slow swinger? Okay, here is a test. Go grab your nine-iron from your set of clubs. If you’re nine iron is locked in the locker at your swanky private club on the hill – well la-di-da – a broom will suffice. Now, grab the broom like a golf club and go take a swing at the cat. If the cat doesn’t look frightened and in fact cleans himself, yawns and strolls away leisurely then these ball are perfect for you.

All joking aside, a slow swing means you hit your driver less than 215 yards (Ladies 200) and your 5-iron goes about 150 yards (Ladies 130.) If this is the case, don’t be discouraged. These balls are going to help add distance to your drives.

The cover of the ball is a soft ionomer. It gives the ball a consistent ball flight and a soft feel around the greens. This is a plus because your short game is where all the scoring is done. Remember, drive for show – putt for dough. Remind your playing partners of that when you are dropping those birdies in on them.

And remember this ball is not for you guys who like to grip and rip it. It's better suited for you seniors and ladies. Don't get me wrong -- this ball will go far for those of you that use it. It is the best ball to put in your arsenal, thus using technology to give you the most distance possible.

For those of you practice junkies, I will keep a few of these in my golf bag. I like using these balls on the practice greens when I am practicing my chipping and putting. They are a very inexpensive ball with a very soft feel. The responsiveness you get on mishits is really helpful to grooving your touch-shots. I can fill up my shag bag and practice my chipping without having to use old beat-up used balls, or my new Titleist Pro V1s.

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