Nike Golf Balls, Green Recycled Karma

Soft Core, Slow Swing Speed

Posted by Robert

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Nike Golf Balls, Recycled Karma Green The brilliant marketers at Nike are playing to your conscious with this Karma ball. In fact, the packaging of these golf balls is made with 50% recyclable material. With most of us golfers being a superstitious lot, it is brilliant. Simply BRILLIANT!

Let's take a look at the ball. The Karma is a low compression ball, so you fast swingers can stop reading now (and check out the Juice ball). It has a 2-piece construction with Nike's 312 dimple design. These all combine to give the slower swinger more carry and distance. In addition, the soft ionomer cover plus the low compression gives the ball a sweet, soft feel.

I'm not a big fan of the goofy squiggly design on the ball. It looks more like a tattoo that one of my hippie friends would get on their back. Also, there is no straight alignment aid on the golf ball.

These balls are marketed for the lady golfers, I'm sure. And they will suit them just fine -- if you get a ruler and draw a line on the ball with a sharpie to line up your putts. For a more traditional-looking, low compression ball, take a look at the Nike Power Distance Golf Balls.

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