Callaway CX Golf Cart Bag

Black Weighted w/ Side Pockets

Posted by Jess

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Callaway CX Golf Cart BagHm. Last one during this shopping trip. It actually stopped me from shopping, too.

Least expensive. Least impressive. Darn. It kinda ruined the mood.

The Callaway CX Golf Cart Bag. I glanced over at it and expected to see a great product, because Callaway seldom disappoints. Except for that Callaway ball that seemed drawn to water the last time I played. Yeah, that was pretty frustrating.

But seriously, this bag was really lackluster. Blue and black, sharp looking, fairly standard-- but nothing that set it apart. It DID have separate compartments for the clubs, and a nice really large side pocket for shoes and/or jackets. It does have three other compartments for other accessories...

Wait... four total? Now let's be real. We really don't need that many pockets, I know. In fact, sometimes I'm frustrated when I have to open six different pockets to find something. However, after starting with the three other bags that I've reviewed, this one now seemed to be, well, skimpy.

I may have just been wowed too much by the gadgetry of the Bag Boy, the comfort of the Nike, or the sharpness of the Ogio. But now I just gave a cursory glance over this Callaway -- you know, for politeness -- and then just went home.

As I said in the beginning, if you are looking to stay on a lower price point than some of the others, this may be a good solid cart bag for you. Let's face it. We all can stand to save a little money nowadays.


This is the last thing I'll say about it, but it's also the reason why I would recommend any of the other bags I've reviewed over this one. I picked it up and was amazed at how heavy it felt. It even felt heavier than the tech-laden Revolver. So I checked the specs tags on all the bags I reviewed. The Callaway was the heaviest. At 9.8 pounds, it beat the Revolver by a little bit, and weighed a full 4-5 pounds more than the Nike and the Ogio.

Ok I lied. This is the last thing I'll say. When I looked at who could ship it, I found out that it would ship from Target. This may sound pompous, but I love Target for three things: DVDs, their White Cherry Icees, and candles for my wife. Not golf products.

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