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Bag Boy NXO Revolver Cart BagI left the Nike bags, frustrated that I'm consistently drawn to increase Phil Knight's great-grandchildren's retirement accounts. I wandered over to a group of cart bags that really caught my attention. They looked very different from bags that I had ever seen.

I stepped up to the Bag Boy NXO Revolver Cart Bag.

Now let me tell you something. I think gadgets are cool. I love those Brookstone-style stores that sell innovative products. I'm a sucker for those things -- even more than Nike. So this product really instilled a "wow" factor in me and fueled the "ooh I've got to get one of those" urge in me.

The most noticeable feature is in the top of the bag. The 14 full-length, separated slots not only keep your clubs safe and protected in their rubbery-snap-clip slots, but the entire top actually rotates. Er... revolves. Hence the name, I guess.

Cool gadget. That's right. If James Bond had a golf bag, this would be it.

The most obvious benefit to this is that you have easy access to any of your clubs from the back of your cart with a simple spin. No more racking your other clubs as you reach for the nine iron that shifted to the back. There are also "putter clips" which I actually had never seen on a bag (I guess it's been awhile since I shopped) and which I don't think I would actually use. Perhaps it would be beneficial for some of the newer putters that have grips that won't fit into the slots, or maybe a longer belly-putter.

It also boasted 12 pockets with 2 cooler pockets for your "shaken, not stirred" drink and a separate valuables pocket. The ball pocket was easily accessed; it had a rain hood included, and the strap had a very nice little "tuck-away" feature for when it's time to strap it into your cart. The model I looked at was a nice cream and light green, but there were several other colors available -- including a nice pink and black one for the ladies (or for a man confident enough in his masculinity to sport a pink bag.)

The price was similar to Nike's, but in this case I would have felt justified to spend it -- simply because of the "cool factor." Before I left, I noticed some badges that notated Bag Boy had garnered several awards including a Golfer's Choice award, a Golf Digest Gold Hot List Award, and a Golf Design and Innovation Award.

All because of a cool gadget. Money Penny, set me a tee time.

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