Nike Sasquatch Tour Golf Carry Stand Bag

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Nike Sasquatch Tour Carry Golf Bag
Here's how I found this one in a room full of bags: I simply wandered around and allowed the first one that caught my eye to pull me over, so I could test it out.

Stupid Nike. Why do you draw me? Why? Why must I allow myself to be convinced by a corporate giant that I need their products? And then I buy them and must put up with people telling me that I'm jumping on a bandwagon fueled by the popularity of Tiger Woods! Leave me alone! I didn't choose it! It chose me!

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe... OK, I'm alright.

So...the Nike bag. And another Nike product that may be priced too high. I will say that by far, the straps on the Nike Sasquatch Tour Carry Golf bag were the most comfortable of all the bags I tested. It was light, too. It almost convinced me that it would be better to pack my clubs around the up-and-down course that I often play instead of renting a cart.

Yeah. Almost.

The model I looked at and tried on was burgundy, silver, and black. The shelves centered around boasted bags that had different colors of black and yellow, and one appeared to be all blue and silver. Some of the features of this bag were actually very cool. 14 individual full-length dividers to protect your clubs, and ten pockets including a water bottle pocket and a cooler pocket. The stand was quick and solid, and the integrated ball sleeve and tee holder were fairly standard. One feature that was pretty innovative was a waterproof valuables pocket.

Again, I guess it's destiny that I am drawn to Nike products. I just wish that logo didn't cost so much.

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